Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Health Hazard

There is a place I belong beside you
Under, arm tucked, head resting
Atop each heartbeat,
Ear held and love bound

There is a place I belong, touching you
Finger painting calm neck to spine  circles
Warming with your skin
All words and no sound

There is a place I belong within you
Heart held and safer than ever before
Shoulders giving up the world
Fear lost and strength found

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Friday, April 11, 2014


I could stab you with these scissors
Or slice you with my wit
Neither scar would get you far
There’d be no benefit

You’re the young pup
Nipping on big dog heels
You’re the fat tick sucking
On the healthy for your meals

You have no idea how clueless
Or out of your depth you are
Your mirror only shows you
A massive rockin’ star

There are days I want to cut you
Until you bleed out on the floor
You would do well to talk less
And stop keeping score

You have a modicum of talent
And it could take you all the way
If you stop tripping on yourself
You’ve got some dues to pay

There is knowledge around you
That would be freely shared
But your ego is too big right now
You are self-impaired

Time to bring it down a notch
Maybe five or ten
Someday you’ll be an old dog
Howling “remember when”

But until that day comes
Less mouth, more ears and brain
You think that you are clever
But you really are a pain

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

No Words

We were imagined in the ether
Wrought of each other’s need
Stardust crafted, divinely designed
Universally agreed
A lifetime first we wandered
For years within plain sight
Darkness hid the spark we shared
Now, no dimming for the light
We burst like a new sun
Over the horizon of each other
Hand in hand we face tomorrow
My heart, my flame, my lover

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Monday, February 17, 2014

Simple Things

I’ll do the cooking
You make the tunes
I’ll wash the dishes
You play the spoons

And together baby
We’ll be just fine

I’ll comb the tangles
You’ll call me purty
I’ll clean up nice
Then we’ll get dirty

And together baby
We’ll steal the wine

I’ll dress the children
You’ll raise ‘em right
We’ll make some love
Later tonight

And together baby
We’ll intertwine

Together baby
We’ll be just fine

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia


We, slightly dented
Scars and marks
Tattooed and imperfect
Radiantly resplendent in our failures
Successfully raising daughters,
Questions and hell
We come together
Cautiously mentally circling
For years unaware
We dare to swear allegiance
To this bag of dreams
We find ourselves
In hot water
Pressed for answers
To friendly interrogations
And the answer is easy
How will it look
In 10 more days?
10 weeks or months?
10 years?
Aren’t we leading with fears?
Are we really this crazy?
There are things in life
That you can’t explain
Time stands still
You forget your name
Everything is perfected
And there is one cure
To all of the ills:

All of the love

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Upright Embrace

My baby loves me
By the moon and stars
By lightning bugs
In jelly jars
Where the world
Falls away
My love and I
We sway
To a bass line
In the dark
He plucks
He plays
I swoon
For days
My baby loves me
It’s sweet and divine
He gives me magic
And drinks my wine
It’s fairly simple
As you can see
I love him
And he loves me
There’s nothing here
But kisses so right
I steal them from him
In the night
He just laughs
And gives me more
My baby loves me
Like never before

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Solid earth
Level ground
He won’t let her down
Do not take him for granite
His heart is soft in all the ways
She will need
He will burrow into himself
To create caverns
Ribboned with gold
Riddled with diamonds
That will finance her a lifetime
He will bubble up springs
To quench her thirst
Allow sleepy bears to hibernate
For her protection
Grow mushrooms to sustain her
He will be a world for her
Do not underestimate
The ways that he is great
In all the love he has to give
She is the breath that helps him live
He will move the mountains
Carve into his very flesh
He will seek the death
Of any who would damage her
Do not believe that he is unstable
He rises rocks to meet your feet
And every way you step uncertain
Is another need that he will meet
His love for her would shake the land
Would tumble landslide like
To bury the villages
Of opposition
He is solid earth
Level ground
A raging fury
That makes no sound
And comes crashing in
To meet the need
Rampaging bull
On full stampede
If you want to see
A man gone wild
Let him discover
You’ve hurt his child

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Write Right Rite

I will write you my love
Moments memorialized
Stars in our eyes
Cutting words like diamonds
On the pages as they fall
I will write it all
Binding leaf to tome
Each sigh, each poem
Each heart, now home
I will right you my love
Keeping your course true
No listing to the left
Unless it’s the third door
And we’re dreaming
I will right your meaning
And keep you the man
You have chosen to be
With me
I will rite you my love
Make a ritual of kissing
Chanting from moaning
Spirits intoning
Sacred utterings
Reality built upon
Unspoken wonderings
Navigating by shooting starlight
Sermonizing with our light
Altered and alter’d
We’ll write
This rite
So right

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Player Piano

No pressure
But we just went
Zero to committed
In one date
(And it was safe)
I really like the feeling
Of your arms peeling away
My layers as we lay here together
With no walls to come between us
And disclosures on the table,
Signed, co-signed and notarized
We got the keys to a brand new love
Blank walls like canvas to paint
A garden to fill and dreams to plant
We got empty rooms begging sound
We went zero to love you
In less time than we'd normally take
To say yes to a second date
Everyone is shaking heads
And wagging tongues
Stick your fingers in your ears
"La la la we don't have to listen
to anyone!"
It's going to be alright,
I can feel it
In all the right ways
It's a song that plays

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Spring Training

The calls and texts have started
Messages pouring in
Well-meaning friends and family
Questioning me again

“Are you sure this is the right thing?”
“Don’t you think it is too soon?”
“How well do you know him?”
“Is he really Darth Raccoon?”

And I smile and hold in
What we discovered to be true
That you are ready for me
And I am ready for you too

That I fit just kinda perfect
Right beneath your arm
And I know when I am there
Nothing can do me harm

That there is something in you
That wants to bring me to my knees
And infect me like it’s deadly
With your love disease

And yes it was quick
Maybe we’ve jumped the gun
But it feels right, here, right, now
And maybe we hit a home run

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia