Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I'm Not With Her (She Isn't For Me)

I ain’t much for all the lyin’
I never did politic well
And lord knows Clinton’s trying
With everything she’s trying to sell
I’m old enough to know better
I remember how she raged
Against unsuspecting ladies
Trapped in Billy’s cage

I never understood a haircut
That cost more than half my rent
Or the wars where she voted
To have our young men spent
I never understood her choices
For Walmart and Montsanto greed
And no matter how she panders
I’m not with her, she isn’t for me

Some say that it’s her turn
She’s waited all this time
She’s been a good sport
Obeyed the party line
She lined up all her shots
Her hit list I hear is a mile
But there’s ugly in her eyes
Every time I see her pretty smile

She won’t get my vote by gender
I’d love to see a woman but not her
On Facebook I’d unfriend her
For all the flip flops that occur
She knows nothing about Americans
Who struggle to get by
And don’t even get me started on
Which emails to classify

I never understood a haircut
That cost more than half my rent
Or the wars where she voted
To have our young men spent
I never understood her choices
For Walmart and Montsanto greed
And no matter how she panders
I’m not with her, she isn’t for me

You may think that I’m a dreamer
Brave leaders need to be
So I cast my vote for the hippie
That lives like you and me
He boogied down at Woodstock
Fought for right when nobody was looking
He flies coach in the middle seat
I bet at home he does the cooking

I never understood a haircut
That cost more than half my rent
Or the wars where she voted
To have our young men spent
I never understood her choices
For Walmart and Montsanto greed
And no matter how she panders
I’m not with her, she isn’t for me

 © 2016 Nicole Vilencia Hazard

Monday, February 8, 2016

Pawn Star

Hit me with your money stick
Wrench the truth from me in dollar bills
But first let me forewarn you
I’ll outspend you in a match of wills

I’ve been tested, I’ve been pushed
I’ve been beaten nearly dead
I’ve faced down demons real and imagined
And chased them from my head

I am no longer a child afraid
Of things that bump in the night
Or of the things that may appear
When I am examined under the light

I know my strength, my value too
I know what I have done and where I’ve been
I’ve done my penance, done my time
I’ve been absolved of every sin

So you go ahead and punish me
For an honestly you cannot bear
You hate me and berate me
And wallow in your despair

You charge me by the body count
Or the minutes in the day
You take and take and take what you want
So that you can feel okay

Ask yourself if the price
Of guilt, pain and regret
Was worth the prize you won
Paid with so much upset

In the end, all alone
A wall from your delight
Separated by accountability
And the need for fight or flight

Ask if your rebelliousness
Has punished only you
And your lack of self-awareness
Is worth the victim-hood you spew

©2016 Nicole VIlencia Hazard

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Let It Bern

Authority has failed us
More times that it has not
Counting the times we were let down
Would take more digits than we’ve got

We cannot abide by politicians
On the take and false as hell
We used to believe they served the people
We believed in Santa Claus as well

To say we have been disillusioned
By the American way would sell us short
42 years after Roe v Wade we still fight
What has been decided by the highest court

All we want is to be paid fairly
Have our children safe and learned
All we want is to stop corruption
Have power to the people returned

It seems with all of our advances
A caste society we are becoming
All knowledge at our finger tips
But in America we’re dumbing

                The truth, the truth
                The truth is on fire
                We don’t need no water
                We need to let it Bern
                Bern baby Bern

Blindly led to the slaughter
Absolute power and greed corrupting
Every time we ask the right questions
Chastised like children interrupting

Lobbyists have bought our cabinet
Our House and Senate too
We’ve been sold out at every turn
We don’t see the cages on this zoo

There are so many of us, more than them
But they’ve taught us to squabble each other
Industry has poisoned the well
We choke on the air, too, and smother

The time has come for a rising up
Taking back the power is an evolution
Those who don’t change will dinosaur die
In this Political Revolution

                The truth, the truth
                The truth is on fire
                We don’t need no water
                We need to let it Bern
                Bern baby Bern

Our hero has charged, battle ready
On the right side of history he’s leading
As he goes millions join the ranks
Though they say our numbers are receding

It is not against one person he fights
But a whole system that has dragged us down
He reminds us that one man cannot do it alone
And we canvass and call and rally around

By tens of thousands stadiums we fill
Blue signs in hand with roaring cheers
Someday we will speak of how history was made
By grassroots organizers and volunteers

Though doors may slam and people scoff
We know the truth spoken when we hear it
And we know the battle has just begun
We see a new future, we don’t fear it

So the time has come for a new way of being
In America the tide is turning
Nothing exists that can put it out
My friends, America is Berning

                The truth, the truth
                The truth is on fire
                We don’t need no water
                We need to let it Bern
                Bern baby Bern

Thursday, June 25, 2015

June Bug

Horizon like
I will stretch heaven
A steeled canopy
To form her sky
Eternal I will guard her
So she may never know
The feeling of a wail caught
At the point of swallow
Where my name only escapes
In hiccuping mouthfuls of pain
Elevating, levitating, elongating
Contorting ethereal umbrella
I will drift above her life
Deflecting, absorbing
She will never have to miss me
I will fade into a distant wonder
and echo in her heart

©2015 Nicole Marie Vilencia Hazard

Friday, January 16, 2015

No Tombstones on the Wind

When my blood pumper’s all done pumping
And I no longer hear it thumping
And my mind has finally quieted
From the ways it spent days all riotous
When I can no longer say what I’m thinking
And my chest has quit rising and sinking
When my skin is a bag of bones
And there’s no lights on and nobody home
When I am nowhere to be found on my person
And you’ve finally called the hearse in
Do not write on a tombstone for me
Tombstones can’t fly where I'll go free
Toss me to air to die as I've been

Nothing but stardust on a sweet blowing wind

© 2015 Nicole Vilencia Hazard

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Stifle, stifle, until you crack like a rifle
Triggered by the index of a sharp shooter mind
Sorted, categorized, chronological order
Offenses pile up leaving excuses behind
That old rifle can hang over the fireplace forever
And never hurt anyone
It's all water under the bridge
Until Mama gets the gun
She shoved it down so long
Just to keep peace she was quiet
But today she broke like a goddamn
And Mama is ready to riot
There's not a woman who can keep her tongue
When she's of mind to burst
Better she vent a little along the way
Than blow up with her worst

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back Up Bitch

Eyes squeezed shut and trembling
Razor pinned, behind curled lip,
The boned bitch guards her prize
Hard to growl without losing grip
She never had much of one to start
Chasing bones to fill her heart
Within her emptiest spaces
Abandoned and alone she shuffled
One place to another, always stray
One bed to another, just a lay
Catching breaths here and there
Never catching a break, trying to
Make some love, a life,
A connection with anyone
In a corner is backed
Defending everything she’s lacked
Guarding the prize between her teeth
She bites down to make it bleed
Staking claim with pregnant need
Rabid, sick, consumptive
She lacks control
She believes she thinks
Faster than a locomotive
Able to leap tall tales
In a single bound
All she sees is a giant V
When she looks down
But it doesn’t matter
Because she can’t read
The writing on the wall
If you ask, she’s got it handled
And there’s nothing wrong at all

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia


You love me when I’m pretty
Shining bright and smart
You love me when I’m open
Offering up my heart
You love me when I’m tender
Vulnerable and sweet
You love me and you love me and
You sweep me off my feet
But can you love me when I’m human
When I’m mistaking left and right
When I’m less than perfect
Standing in bad light
Can you love me all disheveled
Dirty with sweat and grime
Can you love me when I’m filthy
Can you love me all the time
Can you love me when I’m soured
When my fuse is short, with patience thin
Can you love me when I’m grumpy
When I’m caught up in the spin
Can you love me when I am a mess
Of emotions I can’t  quell
Can you hold me in one spot 
When living with me is hell
You love me when I’m easy
When I’m shining like a sun
But can you love me on days like this
Where my seams have come undone
Will I be worth the work
When work is what it will take
To calm the storm inside of me

And bring me back to the love we make?

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I never knew I would be safe
Being so open and free
Expressing everything I am
Not hiding what’s inside of me

You are my now and forever
You are the heart of me tender

Here you are, my champion,
Arms open, heart willing and ready
Holding me closely to you
Whenever I’m not feeling steady

I crave your arms to sleep at night
Your touch with every morning light

Even my darkest secrets
Do not define me in your eyes
Even my lacks and my weakness
Do not cause you alarm or surprise

Every yearning inside of me
Is for your love guiding me

You look at me with a wonder that
Makes me wonder at your clarity
Holding even tighter to you
I appreciate your rarity

Has always been, will always be

You the other part of me

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I can sleep all night
no tossing, no turning
I can use my light
to keep the home fires burning

There are no bears crawling
Goldilocksy to my bed
There are no dragons hatching
in nightmares, my head

In five minutes I might
burst open in bliss
But I will wait, I think,
until after we kiss

I can breathe deep and easy
No worries supersede
The way we mesh together
And meet each other's needs

So I will rest my eyes now
A thankful heart brimming
All full of hope
My dreamy head swimming

© 2014 Nicole Marie Vilencia